The Geological Prospecting Faculty is the driver of geological education at the Sergo Ordzhonikidze Russian State University for Geological Prospecting (MGRI). The faculty was founded in 1918 at the same time as the Moscow Mining Academy.

The Hydrogeological Faculty is one of the oldest faculties in MGRI. In 1918, together with the opening of the Moscow Mining Academy. Thework on the creation of a Hydrogeological institutebegan.On the its basis a Hydrogeological department was formed in 1930, later renamed the Hydrogeological faculty.

The Faculty of engineering, prospecting and mining originates from the department of exploration, which was organized in the Moscow Mining Academy in 1918. In 1952, the departments of exploration drilling, mining and mechanics were merged into the Faculty of engineering, prospecting and mining.

The Faculty of Geophysics was established on June 5, 1930. In 2019 the faculty was renamed the Faculty of Geology and Geophysics of oil and gas. Currently, the faculty consists of 5 departments: Geophysics, Mathematics, Computer science and GIS, General physics and Geology and Exploration of Hydrocarbon Deposits. For almost ninety years of the faculty's existence, one thing has remained unchanged – the highest quality of training, enhanced training in physics, mathematics, information technology, and geological cycle disciplines.

The faculty of Economics and management is currently one of the leading academic divisions of the University, a well-known, authoritative and dynamically developing center for economic education and applied economic research.

The Ecological Faculty is the youngest of MGRI's faculties, founded on July 9, 2009. The strategic goal of the faculty is to train specialists in the field of ecology, environmental management and technosphere safety in a unified system of continuous environmental education, integrated into the Russian scientific and educational space and able to participate in solving applied and research problems.