Founded in 1918, Sergo Ordzhonikidze Russian State University for Geological Prospecting is one of the oldest universities in the world specializing in geological exploration as well as a leading university in Russia giving instruction in applied geology. 

A glorious history of Russian geology is closely associated with the University that first turned the USSR, and later Russia, into a superpower in raw material industry. For several decades Sergo Ordzhonikidze University conducted research and trained professionals in the fields of exploration and commercial development of deposits of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as gold and solid fuel, precious and ornamental gems, uranium, rare and rare-earth metals. 

In its 100 years’ existence the University has trained more than 40,000 professionals who build the country’s geological industry. Sergo Ordzhonikidze University specializes in delivering advanced engineering education. For many decades the University has been a trailblazer when it comes to forming a single educational standard in applied geology and geological exploration technology. The University coordinates the work of almost 30 Russian universities and geological departments. it has given an impetus to the formation of distinguished scientific schools in applied geology, geophysics, uranium and rare-earth geology, gemology and hydrogeology.

In 1931 the University first welcomed foreign students and launched the programs for postgraduate students. The first international students came from European countries such as Albania, Bulgaria and Hungary, but soon it saw more students from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The first international mining engineers graduated in 1952, and by 2018 the University has trained approximately 2000 specialists from 95 countries, with more than 400 candidate and doctoral theses having been defended. The University graduates have become members of the government, university professors, heads of geological organizations and mining enterprises.

Today, over 1500 foreign students from more than 70 countries study at the University on a fee-paying basis as well as on state-funded basis. Training is currently carried out in almost all specializations of the University. The term of study for undergraduates is 4 years, for specialists — 5 years, and to obtain a Master’s Degree one needs to study for 2 years. Postgraduate programs take 3-4 years (depending on the chosen specialization).

Foreign students enter the University after preliminary courses in Russian, which last 10 months and are read at the Department of the Russian and Foreign Languages. Foreign citizens who have a Certificate of Attainment received after completing a course in Russian at any other Russian university can be enrolled in University, too. 

Sergo Ordzhonikidze Geo University maintains close bonds with geological universities in Germany, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Belarus, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and China. More than 50 contracts, agreements, memoranda on academic and scientific cooperation, on cooperation in the field of education, on joint research and educational activities in the field of exploration and development of mineral deposits, on cooperation in the field of implementation of the results of completed research projects related to the study of resource-saving, environmentally safe new technologies in the natural resource sphere, as well as on cooperation in the development and the examination of scientific programs and projects were signed with partner universities, aimed at starting advanced technologies in the field of geology, the use and protection of mineral and water resources and the cooperation in creating conditions for work experience for international students receiving both higher and secondary special education.

In 2016 the first group of 15 students and postgraduates were sent to Liaoning Technical University (China) for a 6-month internship, on completing which the students received international Course Attainment Certificate in the selected fields of study, and confirming knowledge in Chinese. The Chinese university students, in their turn, were sent in exchange in order to obtain a Master’s Degree at Sergo Ordzhonikidze Geo University.

The International Affairs Department works in close contact with the Association and communities of foreign students and maintains contact with the University’s graduates.

The main areas of focus for the Department are: work for the integration of the University into the global educational and scientific community; development of the University’s international economic relations; the University’s participation in the implementation of international programs in the field of education, science and culture; popularization of educational, methodological, scientific and technical achievements of the University abroad; development of mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners in all areas of the University’s activities; ensuring recruitment for and training foreign citizens at the University according to international agreements.

The main attention while working with international students is paid to the improvement of the educational process, assistance in the organization of studies and control of the current academic performance of each student.