Campus life

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Hall of residence and prices

You can be given a place in the hall of residence if:
You are a foreigner
You are a foreigner but you are permanently living in the Russian Federation, unless you are registered in Moscow and Moscow region (closer than 70 km from the Moscow circle road)
You are an applicant (for the period of entrance examinations)
Rooms in the hall of residence are allocated to both internal and external students, admitted to the university on a subsidized as well as a fee-paying basis.

The “Rudoznattsy” student residence is a 14-storey building located on the university campus, next to the university building (2-3 minutes on foot).
At present about 1,500 students from different regions of Russia as well as foreign citizens from neighboring countries and far abroad live in the residence.

Address: Academician Volgin st., 8, building 1, Moscow

The residence consists of blocks of two comfortable double or triple rooms with a bathroom and a toilet. There is a separate kitchen on every floor.
Students living in the residence are provided with the necessary furniture (a bed, a wardrobe, a bedside a table, a study table and a chair), as well as linen.
The territory of the residence is equipped with an automated video surveillance system and a fire-alarm system; 24-hour security surveillance is provided. Access to the residence is via magnetic cards through an electronic turnstile system.

Please note that for students enrolled in their 1st year in 2019 it is possible to check in at the partner residences of the university, located at: Ostrovityanova st., 35A.

For the students enrolled on a budgetary basis:
full-time education - 1300 rubles per month
distance learning - 550 rubles per day
For the fee-paying students:
full-time education - 6000 rubles per month
distance learning - 550 rubles per day
For the applicants for the exam period:
all forms of training - 555 rubles per day

Documents required upon check-in at the residence:
passport (identity document and citizenship)
copy of all pages of the passport
medical certificate of health (a “086-y” form in Russian) 
vaccination certificate
fluorography results
copy of the health insurance policy
4 matte photos 3x4
registration certificate or military ID (only for those liable for military service) + copy
documents confirming privileges and other special rights (only for those enrolled on preferential and other conditions)

In order to get a place in the residence:
Please contact the hostel administration to fill in the application.
Sign a tenancy agreement and receive a check for the accommodation in the residence.
Pay for 1 month of stay in the residence (an ATM is located on the 1st floor in the main building of the University).
Provide the proof of payment to the residence administration.
Contact the property to get a room.

As a rule, those enrolled in their first year can check in 5-7 days prior to the beginning of the academic year.