• MGRI international students are ready for vaccination against COVID-19

MGRI international students are ready for vaccination against COVID-19

On September 22, MGRI hosted a meeting of international students with Anastasia Mashkova, Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Regional Cooperation, and Irina Besko, head of the Social and Psychological Service. The main topic for discussion was vaccination against COVID-19 of the University’s international students. 

The meeting was organized by the head of the International Students Office  Marina Karaber and the head of the Department of Migration and Visa Support Mikhail Nesterov with the participation of activists of the Council of International Students of the University. Marina Karaber and Mikhail Nesterov have been coordinating international students regarding vaccination for several months. It was necessary to monitor the health of students from distant countries, as well as during the holidays, at first remotely, but with the beginning of classes, personal communication with each student became possible.

The issue of vaccination of foreign citizens in Russia currently occupies an important place. Anastasia Mashkova noted that MGRI was one of the first to raise the issue of vaccination of foreign students and started preparing for its organization.

"As a result of the active interaction of employees with state healthcare organizations in Moscow, our students from different countries, who finally got the opportunity to freely enter Russia to study, can receive the Russian vaccine completely free of charge if they wish. At the moment, more than 85% of university employees have been vaccinated, work with students continues. Some foreigners come with certificates of vaccination organized in their countries, and some have already been vaccinated in Russia. The number of vaccinated foreign students at MGRI is growing, we coordinate literally every student", - the vice-rector comments. 

Anastasia Mashkova and Irina Besko introduced the students to all the nuances of the current epidemiological situation, and also answered all the questions that students had accumulated during the pandemic, including about the algorithm for organizing the upcoming vaccination process itself.

At the end of the meeting, Mikhail Nesterov reminded the students about the terms of registration for migration, and about the peculiarities of processing the necessary documents this academic year.

At the end of the open dialogue, interested international students left their applications for the “Sputnik Light” vaccine, available for citizens of foreign countries in Russia.

To solve questions about vaccination and filling out questionnaires for receiving the vaccine, MGRI international students can contact the International Students Office, which is located in room 4-14, as well as by e-mail: forsupp@mgri.ru or by phone: +7 (495) 255-15-10 (ext. 2177, 2171).